ILB Shouts


At 11.42am this morning the volunteer crew of the Inshore lifeboat Mollie and Ivor Dent were again heading out of Newlyn harbour on another shout.
Helm Ben Keogh, and crew members Andrew Wood and Max Rowe were tasked to launch by the Falmouth Coastguard Operations Centre who had received reports of a small fishing vessel firing a distress flare in Mount’s Bay.
The Mollie and Ivor Dent was quickly on scene and promptly assessed the situation. The crew spoke to the skipper of the 20-foot local fishing boat, establishing that the engine had a fuel block. An anchor had been put out but with a very strong NE wind it was dragging and blowing the vessel towards the shore. The skipper took exactly the right action and immediately fired a distress flare which was seen and reported by many people on the shore.
The lifeboat took the vessel under tow and safely back to Newlyn.
Photos by Deputy Press Officer Phil Monckton, Marcia Bell and Patch Harvey.

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